Meeting Room Upgrade

IMG_0366After many moons of discussion, prevarication, flip-flopping and, yes, outright arguing, we finally managed to agree on what to do with our second Meeting Room-cum-Brainstorming Zone of Magic and Love.

Two Chesterfields, several floor cushions, one rather rare replica Time Bandits map, an antique coffee table later, and an Afghan rug… And we think we’ve nailed it. Versus one of the mooted alternatives – a Bored Room (GEDDIT!?) table – it’s definitely been the right way to go. Just out of shot are our two huge whiteboards that are used for, y’know, recording the output of our collective thinkings. Now… Back to work!

Four Years Old Today


Yep, time flies when you’re making fun. Four years already! The team gathered together to celebrate the moment with some lovely Choccywoccydodah cakes washed down with a nice bit of bubbly. And no, it didn’t last long…


A Few Snaps from the GamesIndustry Party

We co-hosted the Summer Party again this year, and had a marvellous time. Thanks to the crew at for arranging a great shindig. Here are a few embarrassing snaps of the Wish Massive that the photographer collected on the night. You can find the full collection over on Facebook.

Summer Party Incoming

11741031_895444657216725_6879211539653408146_oIt’s that time of year again… Already!

For the third year running, Wish will be co-hosting the Summer Party that takes place alongside the Develop Conference here in Brighton. The Party is a chance to get together with industry friends and colleagues and discuss key developments in the game industry, and/ or get so drunk the wheels fall off.

The Wish posse will be at the Party in full-effect, firing on all cylinders, maxin’ and relaxin’, making gravy, rubbing along, and generally having a good time. If you’re game for the business of the games business, then hopefully we’ll see you there.

Wishmas Party 2015

We celebrated Christmas in fine style this year, with a party at the Caribou Rooms in Hove. And, er, some bright spark had the dubiously brilliant idea of renting a photo booth and putting it near to the free bar. Marvellous things naturally ensued. Here are a few highlights we’d like to share with you: enjoy!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there – have a great holiday and a fantastic new year. All the best for life, work and love in 2016.

Brainstorming New Ideas at Wish

Teamwork, across disciplines, is a foundation stone of the way we work at Wish. And so when it’s time to come up with new ideas, we’re huge believers in bringing the team together to have fun, noodle some ideas, eat too much sugar, and get ourselves in a lovely open state in order to Invent New Fun.

We recently had a great afternoon of brainstorming as a team, and we thought it’d be cool to share a couple of images of the process in action. But we’re not going to show you the (fabulous) results, ‘cos they’re, you know, secret and stuff.

Brainstorm-2 Brainstorm-1

Slightly Wonky at the Party

As predicted, the drinks, conversation, fun and terrible dancing were free-flowing at the party that Wish co-sponsored this month. Here are a few of the official snaps that were taken; we’ll save you from the blurry horror of some of the unofficial ones…

11224606_895444600550064_4195702777462453940_o 11713738_895447447216446_4369648819566935538_o 11698765_895447567216434_5321680924106103779_o 11411797_895447350549789_1671004388345794864_o

Wish Studios Co-Hosts the Summer Party

GI-Summer-Party-2015It’s high summer here in Brighton and therefore high time for a party. Mind you, this is Brighton, we don’t need much excuse…

Anyway, with the 2015 Develop Conference just around the corner, we thought it’d be a LOT of FUN to co-host the summer party again this year.

Taking place at the recently relaunched Patterns bar (formerly Audio) on Kemp Town seafront,  the party is a great chance to get together with our friends in the industry, and talk business get seriously wonky. We’ll be heading down to drink drunkly, hang hangingly, and dance, uh, terribly with a sizable chunk of the Wish Massive – maybe we’ll see you there?

If you are interested in attending, tickets for the party are available here.


Christmas in Our New Home

The Wish team enjoyed some Christmas cheer at its new office last week, starting off with some relatively gentle Perudo-playing in our new home before proceeding to some much less gentle cocktail consumption at Brighton’s Koba. Now, we have a well-earned break coming up – all the best for the New Year from everyone here at Wish!