Our Ethos Making Great Games Takes Great Thinking

wish-card-websiteWe like to say that Wish ‘puts creativity first’. But what does this really mean?

In a simple, practical way, it means that we spend hours brainstorming and prototyping new ideas before we put them into software. We make time in our schedules and space our studio to enable creative work, putting new ideas through a clear, fair process before they make into the game. We get through brainstorming whiteboards faster than others use post-it notes.

We value the input of everyone on the team – design is something for everyone to engage with, to contribute to. The place where the thoughts of the programmers, artists, audio designers, producers and game designers meet is an amazing space.

As the game comes to life, we’re tough on our creations, reviewing them daily, tuning, adjusting, playing. We’re not afraid of taking an axe to something if it’s just not working out how we’d hoped. Because when you’re Putting Creativity First, the quality of the end product is the only real way you can feel you’ve been true to your dreams.